Flat Lay Product Template (Photoshop Template)

If you're not posting and showing off your beautiful archive quality photo products you offer to your clients, you're missing out.

These flat lays are fully customizable product collection templates for you to showcase your beautiful client's portrait orders without having to photograph a single flat lay! These are ready to go and contain ten (10) base collections with the ability to crop them and create up to 50 unique images!! That means you never have to worry about duplicating a client product collection when you post!

Included in the product are video tutorials to get you set up and familiar with using the product templates in Photoshop.

Plus, there is a video tutorial that shows you how you can maximize your images by creating multiple pieces of content from one base image. This means that you only have to do the work once, but can show off multiple unique pieces of content across all of your different social media platforms and more without having to do anything additional.

10 High Resolution, fully customizable flat lay product templates to show your client orders

All the details!


Video tutorials to get you familiar with the drag & drop templates!

Over 50+ combinations these can be cropped to give you different images for social media, your website, client marketing materials and more

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All products are copyright of Sean Brown Productions LLC and may not be sold, redistributed or transferred to another party. Sharing or selling products to another individual in its entirety or partially is strictly prohibited and legal action will be taken. Refunds are not available due to the digital nature of these products. Digital products should be backed up and stored on an external media storage device in case of loss. All files will be delivered as Canva or Photoshop templates. Please check which it is prior to purchasing. NO refunds will be made for products purchased for the wrong software. Photographers may not purchase products if they live within 50 miles of Portland, OR. 

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